Exciting New Platform for Social Change and Awareness

From the LinkTV | ViewChange.org Website:

Link TV is launching ViewChange.org — a digital media hub that highlights progress in reducing hunger, poverty, and disease in developing nations. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ViewChange.org combines powerful video stories with the latest Web technology to make videos, articles, blogs, and actions readily available to key audiences working in global development.  

At Link TV, we know that stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. Unfortunately, when it comes to stories about foreign aid or global development, far too often the moral of the story is focused on bad news instead of hope and progress.

That is why Link TV is launching ViewChange.org — using the latest in semantic Web technology to give you the power to change the debate.
ViewChange.org uses powerful search technology that dynamically refreshes information as the video plays, providing up-to-date links to related articles, videos, and blogs. Inspired by what you see? You can now take action — to donate to a cause or send stories directly to the media and policymakers.


Imagine the video-sharing power of YouTube, coupled with the open information of Wikipedia and the mission-driven focus of your favorite advocacy Web site: that’s Link TV’s ViewChange.org.