UNESCO Global Forum in Bangkok, Thailand

The second Global Forum on the Power of Peace, 28-30 October 2009 was a timely occasion to build on past discussions, collaborations and activities. Within the context of difficult economic times and rapidly changing social realities, the place and efficacy of a Power of Peace Network can be reassessed.

To understand more about the Power of Peace Network initiative, please visit the PPN Project page.

PPN was discussed in the context of forum themes touching on the role of media and ICTs relating to mutual understanding, conflict management, new opportunities for collaboration, faith and religion, and the leadership of youth and universities.

Please consult the Bangkok Forum website created by UNESCO for background documents, concept papers, the Forum mission, goals and objectives, the forum evolving program and speaker roster, registration information and more.


Video introduction of Ken Coates at the beginning of the forum

Power of Peace Network

The Power of Peace Network (PPN) fosters global collaboration in the use of the tools of information and communication for cultural self-expression, mutual understanding, the reduction of conflict incidents, and the support of sustainable living.


The Power of Peace Network (PPN) fosters global collaboration in the use of the tools of information and communication for cultural self-expression, mutual understanding, the reduction of conflict incidents, and the support of sustainable living.

The PPN endeavours to bring young people to the forefront of this effort, drawing on their energy and often groundbreaking approaches to the challenges that lie ahead.

The PPN Mission:

Our mission is to increase mutual understanding around the world by supporting diverse social and cultural self-expression through modern tools of information and communication. Initiated by UNESCO, PPN is being built as a multi-partner not-for-profit business using television, radio, the internet and cell phone technology worldwide to share locally produced stories and product in pursuit of peace.

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