PhD-able research topic

I am thinking of some research topics that I would like to pursue in a PhD program.

Here is one such topic: A rights-based approach to children’s participation in public-private partnerships in international development

A major reason why I am interested in this topic is I believe that it can help reduce the over-commercialization of childhood, which in turn, can reduce consumption of limited natural resources. The logic follows that if children are responsible (and act responsibly as they grow) they will de-value material wealth and commercial activity, and value interactions with the natural environment. It all starts with adults (power holders in today’s society) creating the conditions for children’s genuine participation in all matters that affect them.

Some questions:

  • why a rights-based approach?
  • why children’s participation?
  • why public-private partnerships?
  • why international development?

I choose the above topics because my ecology of evidence indicates that this is how I will have the largest impact in the world. What is my ecology of evidence? For starters, check out my website at for some of my writings, then come talk with me.

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