Adultism defined

I came across a good, quick definition of the term, adultism. In the past, I used the term ‘childism’ to describe the same thing. After reading more into it, I am discovering that ‘adultism’ is a preferred term by academics and is more established in the literature on the subject.

Here it is:

“Adultism is understood as the oppression experienced by children and young people at the hands of adults and adult-produced/adult-tailored systems. It relates to the socio-political status differentials and power relations endemic to adult-child relations. Adultism may include experiences of individual prejudice, discrimination, violence and abuse as well as social control and systemic oppression. At an individual level, it is characterized by adult authoritarianism toward children and adult-centric perspectives in interacting with children and in understanding children’s experiences. Systemic adultism is characterized by adult-centric legislation, policies, rules and practices that are embedded within social structures and institutions which impact negatively on children’s daily lives and result in disadvantaged and oppressive social relations.”

LeFrancois, B. A. (2013). Adultism. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

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