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The Power of Peace Network (PPN) fosters global collaboration in the use of the tools of information and communication for cultural self-expression, mutual understanding, the reduction of conflict incidents, and the support of sustainable living.


The Power of Peace Network (PPN) fosters global collaboration in the use of the tools of information and communication for cultural self-expression, mutual understanding, the reduction of conflict incidents, and the support of sustainable living.

The PPN endeavours to bring young people to the forefront of this effort, drawing on their energy and often groundbreaking approaches to the challenges that lie ahead.

The PPN Mission:

Our mission is to increase mutual understanding around the world by supporting diverse social and cultural self-expression through modern tools of information and communication. Initiated by UNESCO, PPN is being built as a multi-partner not-for-profit business using television, radio, the internet and cell phone technology worldwide to share locally produced stories and product in pursuit of peace.

The Power of Peace Network is a:

  • platform for innovative use of ICTs and media for peace
  • collaborative venue involving various stakeholders
  • global network, particularly engaging youth
  • mechanism to access locally produced content
  • sustainable operation (not-for-profit business model)

Major activities:

The PPN will work with local writers, directors, producers, bloggers, and young talents in all the regions around the world, including those often marginalised in the mainstream media.

The PPN will work with NGOs, agency partners, training institutions, supporters of content development, and will also train young people in media and ICTs.

Goals and objectives are to:

  • serve as an interdisciplinary platform for a dialogue among civilizations
  • serve as a clearing house for audiovisual content in the context of promoting peace
  • provide a self-sustaining online community for the sharing of ideas and content that are educational, informative and support the PPN mission
  • support and endorse a global coalition of universities and other educational institutions in developing collaborative programmes that incorporate media in peace and conflict studies for public education, and for reaching out to young people in universities around the world
  • provide support to educational institutions through curriculum development, training, and a focus on peace and conflict studies
  • facilitate a self-sustaining network of those engaged in media and peace building and identify possible partnerships between those working on the ground, ICTs and media outlets, experts and trainers, supporters of content development, educators, researchers, business advisors, and managers
  • Support opportunities for life-long learning for media professionals, especially in conflict-sensitive reporting

University Partnership:

A growing number of universities are collaborating in the development of a multi-disciplinary core program on peace and conflict studies to be incorporated into PPN. Partnering universities (their faculty and students) would be the source of on-line curriculum and course material “wikistyle” for a multi-cultural public education offering, including degree-granting status in some cases.

Please visit The Power of Peace Network website to connect with other individuals that joining the initiative.

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